Keep Your Ruby on Rails Apps Healthy

Running an app in today’s software environment is tough.

Learn how to use best practice techniques and processes to monitor, secure, optimise and improve your Ruby on Rails apps.

”A lot of quick wins, and makes me realise I can do more with Guard.“
- Ben

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    Chris Blunt

    Founder & Director

    Plymouth Software Ltd

    Who wrote the course?

    Chris is a software consultant, developer, and founder of Plymouth Software.

    Working with Rails since 2008, Chris has learned that success of an app - and the business it supports - depends as much on what happens after launch as before it.

    Chris and his team work with companies and organisations to support their apps for the long-term.

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    What will you learn?

    In this free course, you'll learn how to optimise your code, secure your gems and dependencies, monitor your app's performance and apply best-practices to automate away your technical debt.